The Train I missed!

Many of times the human brain get programed on it’s own and take action accordingly. It happened with me last Saturday when I was scheduled to travel to Mumbai for a business workshop. I have booked my seat in Flying Queen train starting at 5-25 am from Surat.

I also frequently travel to Ahmedabad from Surat by the train called Gujarat Queen which starts at 5-40 am from Surat. Now since the booking time, I remembered to catch a morning train. My mistake, I planned my whole sequence of action keeping in mind the time of 5-40 am.

The real fun was, when I parked my bike, the attendant asked the time of return, I replied, “vohi train jis se abhi ja raha hu”. He asked me Gujarat Queen? I said, nahi dost, Flying Queen, he replied, kya mazak kar rahe ho Saab, vo to Kab ki gayi.


I suddenly realized, I was to catch a train which departs at 5-25! I suddenly rushed on the platform to check whether the train is there for me or not. But the time and train wait for none. So the Queen didn’t wait for me. My lavish booking in an Executive class is gone for a toss. On the contrary, I need to catch hold of a next train, no current reservation available, rush to find a seat in a general compartment, a great challenge to get comfortable travel in early morning.

I was thrilled as I never knew how crowded the train will be, and what next always create anxiety. The next train was at 6am which will drop me at 9-30 am, means on time. I was all set to jump in, as the train arrived, to my surprise, it was having many seats vacant, that exited me, and to my best luck, I got the best window seat.

As I settled, I was just looking at an address of the workshop venue, as I did not went through it for lack of time. To my surprise again, the workshop was an interactive and was for two days that is, Saturday and Sunday. Again, I was booked for the evening train. The challenge was just on. I was traveling for morning and evening, and suddenly the program is revised.

I asked my son Saurabh, to cancel the evening train and book Sunday evening. He worked it out and I rescheduled my travel. Now the task remained was to arrange shopping for clothing required for Sunday. Great thing was, my principal faculty, who is my ex chief as well. He gifted me the T-shirt. Rest I managed. And, hurray, I managed all the challenges, with great fun.

So, I, with the experience, learned that exact data to be feed to brain, to avoid the trouble of having early morning challenges.

I enjoyed, having great fun in interactive workshop in Mumbai.

I wish, you all too, a great Sunday.

Sunil Chaporkar – Love having challenges.

A young and enthusiastic marketing and advertising professional since 22 years based in Surat, Gujarat. Having a vivid interested in religion, travel, adventure, reading and socializing. Being a part of Junior Chamber International, also interested a lot in service to humanity.
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