Growth or survival! What is important?

Majority of India including me is a part of middle class, which is known for its safety brackets, out of which he doesn’t want to go or can not go. He has his own limitations laid down by himself. He is very happy with what he gets as a pay cheque.


To guarantee the regular income month on month, he will go to any extent of compromise. The reason being, having aspirations to live in luxury in view of his peers do live, he bank on his future earning capabilities and encash it to get financing the new age necessary luxuries, which in his current earnings, he can’t afford.

The EMIs every month are the biggest chunk of any monthly pay for majority Indians. To make sure the EMI payment, besides making living, the middle class man keep compromising and since nothing can be done, the person accept the reality. When nothing can be done, it’s better to be happy about what ever is there, and keep going for the life.

In the process, some get going on their way to come out of safety brackets to get ahead in life. Once out on one’s own, then come realization of one’s real potential and possibilities prevailing out of the so called safety net. Then the real challenge of encashing possibilities lead to possible growth opportunities.


The real fears of survival then becomes obsolete and focus goes on real challenges that can become earning potential. Once the paradigm change from survival to growth, the real journey begins. That, according to me, lead to entrepreneurship.

The real fun lies in going for growth, rather than worrying and struggles for survival. Let us go for the growth and leave behind the worries of survival.

Sunil Chaporkar – On the growth path…

A young and enthusiastic marketing and advertising professional since 22 years based in Surat, Gujarat. Having a vivid interested in religion, travel, adventure, reading and socializing. Being a part of Junior Chamber International, also interested a lot in service to humanity.
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4 thoughts on “Growth or survival! What is important?

  1. Why we always count growth in money isn’t there any other parameter to count growth. I am not apposing u , your thought is great but it’s my thinking.

    1. Monetary growth is one aspect of overall growth spectrum of human being. Once the human need is taken care, other aspects of growth come in picture. I agree with you. I appreciate your views and thank you so much for your insight. I am encouraged.

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