Sunil Chaporkar, a digital marketing expert by profession, and a learner by passion. A hardcore salesman since three decades having worked for five largest corporations of their business area in the world, such as UPS, TNT Express Worldwide, G4S, Alibaba and R.R.Donnely where working with Tata Press Limited from 1998 to 2013 Alibaba and R.R.Donnely were the front assignments to represent both of them in India. Also during this period when google and facebook entered Indian markets, this organization was among first reseller of both these giant corporations and hence had an opportunity to work hand in hand with the teams of google and facebook.

Having worked in Advertising space selling for a almost two decades, was lucky to manage publications such as IC Chip, Forbes, Overdrive, Better Photography and many such more than twenty magazines portfolio in the arms for space selling.

The exposure to work with editorial teams for print and digital is an inspiration to write and deliver the quality content to the audience. Readers suggestions for improvement are welcome.

You email him at sunil@sonaltadigi.biz and visit his company website www.sonaltadigi.biz for more insight about his business.

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