Digitally Yours -Part 1

The first look of any product today comes through online to most of us, however little we use to get online. The way of buying products and services in current times are very different from the conventional ones. The touch and feel factor is so important for all of us and it’s a psychological need too. Yet the online shopping and TV shopping is on the pick. Why this evolution have emerged so quick and how it has impacted all of us as a consumers and producers simultaneously. Let’s try to understand.


Before we take any external references into consideration, let’s take internal check on ourselves. If we check our behavior and our affection or we can call it addiction, all the time we are awake, we are starring at a screen. May it be a television, computer or a mobile phone if we are not occupied with any other task. Now when we are in front of any screen, whatever we do on the screen, there are mechanism set to trace out and analyze what we as an individual are doing, or watching or searching or transacting.

When we watch a television, the TV sets are connected with SetTopBox aka STB. Now if you order a particular products on mobile phone or a landline phone, the same product was running a promotion on a TV Shopping Chanel on your home STB when you called a Chanel Toll Free Number. Now the location of an ordering Number, and STB are traceable and establish direct relationship. Now this entire transaction gets recorded. This pattern of mechanism keeps on running  24 X 7 X 365 for all of us.

Now which tv channels are being watched are the major criterion to understand the interests of the people who form the target audience. Now our TV remote control and our landline location or mobile phone location has a close connection which help Marketers’ to analyse our likes and dislikes and even bases on your activities on your remote control you are in the firing range of Marketers’.

Now let’s understand our actions on a desktop or a laptop. Here on this screen all your activities are punched and recorded based on what you searched, what you like, what you ignore, what you share, what you click, what you send, what you receive, what you buy, what you sell… Everything is recorded and analysed to understand your behaviour to determine you as a consumer or a customer. Your behaviour on your computer became the base for a seller to show you specific products or services you are interested in.

When we work with our mobile phones, the mechanism to trace our behaviour in very detailed manner with micro behavioural chasing of our activities carried out on mobile phone aka smartphone and also tracking us geographically to enable us to see the local products and services more prominently to which we are interested in.

Many a time we wonder while seeing an advert on every site we visit we are thinking to buy or receive a special offer for the product in mail for which we have googled… Let’s clearly understand that as soon as we are connected with any of the screen, we invite all Marketers’ to market you their products and services for which you are also interested to buy.

While we have tried to understand how digital media impact our life as a consumer through all the screens. If, we being a business owner and we are empowered to know who our customers are, looking for us, with ready money, our business may blossom like never before. Friends, it’s high time to go digital to make your products visible and accessible to those who are putting an effort to find you…

Make your customers digitally yours…

Written by : Sunil Chaporkar

A young and enthusiastic marketing and advertising professional since 22 years based in Surat, Gujarat. Having a vivid interested in religion, travel, adventure, reading and socializing. Being a part of Junior Chamber International, also interested a lot in service to humanity.
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