Is existing equivalent to living?

stop existing

Are you existing or mere living? Existing is the first condition to live. Hence to exist is to live. But living is beyond existing. Living must have a purpose and a meaning. So, asking to self for the purpose of living is the basic requirement to start a journey from existing to living. Now, what should be the purpose of living. It’s very simple to me, eat, drink and be marry. So, when I have to eat and drink, I have two choices, one, I earn my stuff to eat. two, I get to eat what is available. In first choice, I have all the liberty to decide what and how much I need to earn so that I get my choices fulfilled, which ultimately be the reason to be marry.

By mere getting to eat and drink of my choice, may be the reason to be marry for a little while. So to be marry for a longer time, I have two choices again. To earn so much stuff so that as and when I want to be marry, I open my treasure and assuming the pleasure of capabilities to get what I want, when I want. But, the process has to be repeated so frequently that the be marry factor does not remain for a longer period and then, the rat race begin. The vicious circle doesn’t allow to sit quiet and enjoy the peace to mind, body and soul. Then, in the process, the living goes out slowly, and mere existing remain. This might be happening to many of us as well.

The second choice to be marry, again take us on the path to find the better purpose of life.Mark Twain said it long back that, “Two most important days in the life of a human being are, the one when he born, and the second when he finds out why”. Now to find out why he born, takes a very long time for many and for some that day never come in their life. There may be few who are able to find out why they born, become real “Be Marry” men as they get to live from existing.

In my association with Junior Chamber International since last couple of years, I have had many opportunities to come across many Thought Leaders who have found their purpose of life in their early age and they are striving to make others’ lives better from the current status. I have worked with  these legends who are working days and nights towards building sanitation facilities and Toilet blocks in remote areas where people do not want to go. When they talk about why do they do this, they talk from their heart why it is necessary to be done to let the girl child not leave the school for mere no toilets or rest rooms in the schools. How selfless they are?

When I meet these people I also feel happy and want to be Merry like them. Mere sharing what we have and to contribute to others engaged in making society better by adding waht is needed but not existing might be the real path to start a journey from mere existing to living.

I would like to choose the path to live. What’s your take on this? Please share your feedback and thoughts. It will help me.

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