Whom Do We Call Great?

We see many around us consistently excelling in their daily work whether they do it for their own self or for others as part of their job. We also see many who are not interested or worried for their own responsibilities forget they will do something for others. These sets of people are available at every place starting from our home to work place and to all places where we need to go as part of our professional or personal work or obligations.

People who are excelling are the one who are running the actual show in the universe. It does not matter the money or the appreciation to fulfill the work which may or may not be a part of one’s responsibility. The today’s news paper is talking about yesterday’s calamity happened in Surat  where Mr. Jagdish Italiya, the Trustee of Sanskar Bharti Vidhyalaya called up DCP Ms. Shobha Bhutda to inform her about accident, as he could not get through the police control room number, while he saw the span of under construction bridge at Athwa collapsed in front of his eyes. His this action helped in a big way to authorities also to save many people. What made him do that? The newspaper also talked about Surat District Court liftman Vijay Rajput was on the way to join his duty while he saw the incident and rush to the rescue and save lives of two laborers. What made him do this?

There must be many people passing by the accident site, only 2 names are having credentials. These two gentleman are in the profession on lifting people from where they are and to help them reach where they want to reach. Mr. Jagdish Italiya is a Trustee of a school which has name to reckon with for value based education. The school has to shine when the leadership plays their role and provide examples to their students. Mr. Vijay Rajput by profession is a liftman. I have my personal experience that the people who are in the job of helping, or serving or guiding people are always eager to help others. They will always add value to make your task easy.

If we look around there are plenty of awaken citizens who rush when there is a call for service. I happen to be a part of an Organisation called Junior Chamber International where it’s creed’s last statement is “Service to humanity is best work of life” which I have stolen to be an integral part of my life. Here I get to work with many fellow team mates who are always on the run to attend a call for service from any class of people. I have been very fortunate to be a part of many social causes may it be organizing a series of Blood Donation Camps in association with Surat Raktadan Kendra, to distribute the shoes and chappals by finding individuals walking bearfoot in this heatwave.

My team mates are running a program called “Food for Needy” which we call “Bhukhya Ne Bhojan” in Gujarati. Here each member has taken a day where they feed home made food to five persons by finding them on street. This program runs 365 days a year and is a part of UN program called United Nations Millennium Development Goals. This set of people are in minorities and we need to enhanced the value based education at a very basic and primary level to young kids to encourage to take the call to service humanity when they reach at a stage of stability.

I will sure like to call every single person with or without name who take call to serve human beyond his personal interest is a Great Person. What is your call?

Sunil Chaporkar

Sunil Chaporkar – Eager to take call to serve humanity

A young and enthusiastic marketing and advertising professional since 22 years based in Surat, Gujarat. Having a vivid interested in religion, travel, adventure, reading and socializing. Being a part of Junior Chamber International, also interested a lot in service to humanity.
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