Who am I?

who-am-iUntil yesterday I was under the impression that, my name is my identity. My profession is my identity. My achievements is my identity. My above beliefs were changed all of a sudden yesterday when I attended a 2 hours workshop on Self Management. Where I was asked, who am I, and I replied with my name, I then once again asked who am I, I thought that I must introduced my self in detail, I had given brief intro about my self, where I belong to, what am I doing, what are my achievements. What is my family background.

Again, the question hit me, who am I? Now I started losing my patience, I suddenly responded, I have told you about me everything in detail, by now you know me the same as my family members. The faculty smiled, and again hit me with the same question, who are you? I said you tell me what do you mean by that? He smiled calmly and replied gently, I am asking you who are you, and you have given me all replies that state what are you.

Who am I? I started thinking about it and got confused. The question is so simple and the answer is still not available to me. I started thinking, the more I think the more I get confused. I then started asking other participants, every one answered me the same way I answered, what they are, they answered in response to the question – who they are? The real tough to understand, who am I? I than thought may be I am the part of the life cycle and my purpose to exist in this universe is to complete the whole being of the universe. I then though what is the purpose of my being and my life. The more I thought, the more I got in the depth of my own inner side. I felt like I am an extension of the super power whom we call God. Aham Bramhasmi…But I even don’t know what is Brahma..How can I say Aham Bramhasmi…

Then the question is still unanswered, who am I? I think being a human being, my purpose of life is to make my life and lives of those who are connected with me, better then it currently. The question is really thought provoking. I urge you all readers also to contribute what you think about the question. Ask yourself, try to listen to your inner voice. and please share wat you have to say in response to the question, who are you?

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