What is there in a Name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

What is there in Name? When Juliet says Romeo that I am in love of a person called Romeo Montague and she has no concern with what ever name that person may have, she would have still loved the person. When the lagendary and immortal character from the heads of Shakespere says this, the statement has to become a quote and has to remain till mankind exist.

But in reality, when my name is called by anyone, what ever I am engaged into, I always respond unless I am deaf. Let anyone pronounce my name wrongly, and I catch hold of the person to spell it correctly and get him apologise for the mistake. The fact is, the sweetest word in this universe, anyone like to listen to, is his or her name. Off course in the good context.

Though the name is not given to anyone by asking his or her choice, everybody is extra concious when it comes to their names. There are many who get the cosmetic surgery done to their names. The biggest revenue for Numerologists comes from Name spelling correction. They do some calculations on the basis of the birthdate and suggest to add or remove some alphabets in a name. That’s how we find many newly built spellings of a traditional names and those names become trendy. When the name pronounciation sound good to hear and feel good to read on a visiting card, it really grabs attention of people.

It’s a very brainstorming and challanging process to find a name for business too. Many experiments are done with names and words to combine them and creat a new name which become very meaningful to describe the business. Also it’s a big challange to make the name easy to pronounce and to be popular and part of one’s memory as soon as it’s spoken or read. Now that the social media is an integral part of our daily life, we tend to ask for suggestions from our online friends who are from across the world. In the process, it so happens a Russian friend suggest a name that’s popular and meaningful in spanish to her Indian friend, that friend given the name to her baby. Then in the long run, as the baby grows in life, it becomes a big challange for her to explain the meaning of her name to who ever she meet and then othe conversation can be prograssed.

We find many around us who are seriously unhappy with their names and still get angry when someone spell it wrong. Many of them never tell their real names to anyone. Some friends get into legal process and take lot of trouble to change their name and then to make it popular they need to advertise it in the news papers.

Stil name is a name. Everyone take pride for their name. I too am no different from this species.

So, what is there in a name? To me it is my identity and it differentiate me from the world.

Service To Humanity Is Best Work Of Life.
Service To Humanity Is Best Work Of Life.

Sunil Chaporkar – The Name I Love

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