School Going Children Deserve Space As Their Birth Right

It’s a day of sending children back to school in the upper standard after a long vacation. The heatwave is not taking any break and may continue for some more time all through India.

We as parents, will have to make all arrangements to save children from being a victim of heatwave.

Here also is a big factor to worry for those kids who travel to school by autorickshaws. It’s really pitiable to see an autorickshaw filled by 12 to 15 kids who are not even getting breathing space.


The kids are not at all meant for this kind of treatment. We as parents are equally responsible for the scenes of torture on school going children. It’s a third degree torture to a developing brain and a human body.


This way of transport for school going children create havoc and many a time leave long lasting effects on children’s mind.


Before we blame it to anyone or systems or auto drivers or schools administration or government, the prime responsibility lies on us as the parents. The safety and comfort of our child during transit to and from school needs to be taken care primarily by we parents if school bus or any support services are not available or may we not use those.

We will have to make sure that the future citizens of India are the most comfortable while they go to school and come back to home.

In the process, we must ensure the autorickshaw drivers take children in capacity permitted by the government authorities to the maximum and not a single child more.

If it doesn’t followed by anyone, please raise your voice and complain to authorities and school management. Even if you don’t get response from any one keep fighting, but ensure that you make your own arrangements for your child for comfortable transportation.

After all, they are the angels of our lives and the future of India. They deserve utmost care till they start growing up on their own.

Photo courtesy: The Hindu with the help of Google images.


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