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Are we living? Are we living in present? What living in present mean? While pursuing day to day activity in personal and professional life, we do forget, what is living. When I come across any situation during a course of daily life, I subconsciously start finding similarity I have ever faced in my past life experiences. I start relating to different situations occurred in different time slots in my past. Then whether suitable or not I do try to resolve the situation with my past experience of other situation I feel similar to the one I face currently.

These solutions, whether relevant or not, whether resolve the situation or not, take the series of my experiences of life further and this way I keep on living my daily life. This may be the scene with others life too. All my beliefs are formed since years I have been living, and these beliefs are formed through the experiences. Now, if I wish to change my belief system, which help me living in the present moment, I need to think consciously not to compare the current situation to the past events but to consciously resolve the issue with best possible solution to go on with the situation that become in favor of each one associated to situation.

On an average 60000 thoughts are coming to the human mind. Thoughts can comprise past, current and future tense. Sticking to experience happening, like right now I am in process of writing this article, I still get thought of today evening movie I am planning to go to, is a big challenge to practice. If one get hands on to control the thoughts, may experience of living in the moment. I realize, when we are engaged in an activity our existence is completely involved in an experiencing the activity, we don’t remember to live the moment. We cheer, we enjoy, we shout, we scream, we cry, we fight we do anything subconsciously. It’s only when the event is over, we remember moment to moment series of happening, then we think judgmentally and take some decisions which may or may not be good for every one associated in the situation.

The best thing possible is to witness every moment as it come and go and in which what experience it give us, then I think we have the opportunity to live an enriched life with consciousness to witness as a third person to observe what is going on, and to take an appropriate step which benefit everyone coming in picture in the moment. While witnessing the moment we may enjoy each experience without any prejudice or bias and without being judgmental about any one or the situation.

Living in the moment may be a great experience to take. After completing this article, I shall try practicing living in the moment.  Cheers.

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2 thoughts on “Take a moment, to live in the moment…

  1. Ya …sir , completely true….v r missing to live the moment in hurry of living or finishing next moment…just like , going somewhere for outing, n getting busy in selfie pics or in hurry of putting those pics on fb….at that time v misses to enjoy the beuty of that place. …
    U r right, v r connecting the present moment with past moment. .n getting biased…n reacting accordingly…..
    From my side now onwards I ll try to live that moment….keeping all thoughts aside….not being prejudiced. …

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