Is it right to punish a student in classroom?

I was shocked when I heard a student of 8th standard from my neighborhood, was made to make 200 sit-ups and his fellow girl students were asked to slap him. His crime was, he was not carrying his computer textbook with him.

The teacher, I am sure,must be having a psychological disorder or must be sadist to enjoy giving pain to others. I firmly believe, whatever a mistake or a mischief made by students can not be eligible and digested punishment of this nature. It’s a heinous crime. And the teacher should not be only thrown out of the job but must be booked for police action as well.

We are living in a society where we follow others and act to match their living standard. In the process, we always want to admit our child to so called best school where most of the kids from our circle goes. Also, today, it’s a status symbol to chase the school which is most costly. We do not bother to check the minimum education qualifications the school teachers have. We do not care from which background, the teachers come. We don’t see, whether school teachers are paid well and as per laws.

We never dare to ask the school management, the bifurcation of the fees paid and how that money get utilized. On the contrary, whenever the extra money asked frequently by the school on account of various activities, we pay the money, whether we afford it or not.

There are many issues pertaining to education industry need to be addressed immediately by the new government. But before anyone else do something, it becomes our moral duty to enquire thoroughly regarding each and every aspect which bother us, and is important for overall growth of our child.

Next time, raise your voice whenever you come across the incident of punishment to students in front of their fellow school mates. It not only leave physical effects but the life long psychological impact can lead to ruin a prospective and bright life.

Please take leadership in safeguarding our school children, every child is a precious jewelry and a bright future of our country.

Sunil Chaporkar – Strictly against child punishment!

A young and enthusiastic marketing and advertising professional since 22 years based in Surat, Gujarat. Having a vivid interested in religion, travel, adventure, reading and socializing. Being a part of Junior Chamber International, also interested a lot in service to humanity.
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