How social media workshop helps individuals to use it to enhance business.

Fortunately I was a part of the workshop on Introduction to Social Media for businessman by the well known trainer from Auro University Mr Chirag Gujarati.

The program was mainly designed to guide Insurance professionals on how and which social media platforms can be used and how presence on this platforms can enhance their image and building network which ultimately results in client base in the long run.

I am working on social media platforms since last 2 years and hence knew many details of it, but as a sales person who sales social media marketing solutions, I wanted to understand how to introduce social media to a lay man who just have little or no information about it. At the same time this class of businessmen and entrepreneurs is my potential clients base.

I am really happy to share that the faculty was an authority on social media and had tremendous capacity to explain each aspects of it in a very simple and understandable manner.

The audience’ average age was around 40 plus and learning becomes little difficult when it’s for a whole day class room training.

But Mr Gujarati had taken the program so flawlessly starting with introduction to 2 short films on the inception and growth of social media different platforms.

Then in a series of presentations he explained each one of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging first with theory and followed by practical work on each media.

All participants were of the view at the end that till the day they were using Facebook only to share jokes, birthday wishes, and photos of personal nature.

Every one of them have decided to go to use social media for professional purpose.

To me it has given a solution on how to introduce the in a very simple manner social media to my potential customers.

I will suggest you strongly to learn how to use social media for professional and business development purpose from the professional trainer.

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