Happy Father’s Day!

A divine relationship come into existence by virtue of biological relationship of a couple. Father is a person who changes upright the moment he becomes father. The sense of responsibility for the family and a child catches his mind, body and whole existence.

With the birth of a child, there comes a rebirth of two as mother and a father. The two have different roles and both fight in different fields. The mother take care of a child in the safest zone of a home while the father goes to face the world where he has to earn the livelihood for the family under all circumstances.

The father struggle at every challenging situation to make it favorable to get the best for his family, his children. The father’s problems and struggles and worries are known to the man only when he becomes father.

The father can not be described in words. The respect and love to the father had to be expressed by actions, body language, deeds and all such ways he can feel it and understand it.

In times of nuclear families, it’s not possible to stay together due to many reasons. But love and respect has no impact of distance. In times of smartphone and social media, it doesn’t really matter the distance, connecting each other all the time has been so easy.

The parents are always loved and respected all over and we care for them all the time. But it’s vital to reach the Dad and to tell him, Hey Dad, I love you so much. I care for you so much. You gave me everything I needed, and asked for, whether you could afford it or not! Now it’s my turn. Let me do everything I can ever do for you.

No matter how strong or powerful I am, I still need that strong and rock solid support I felt through out my childhood and feel even now.

You are the favorite Super Hero of mine.

That’s the best gift one can give to his father on the occasion of Father’s Day. The father will never expect and ask from you ever.


Sunil Chaporkar – I Love you Dad…

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