Half Ticket…Kids and the Expo

Managing kids’ event is no kids game. In the mid summer when heat wave picks up and exams goes on usually in March in Gujarat and moms have all the pressure for kids to score better, making kids participate in an expo where three days full of activities happened which need full energy of kids. Participation in such an event for moms becomes remote choice.

But, the story is different when it comes to Half Ticket Kids Expo season 2. HTKE Season 2 was action packed three day event which created huge buzz with its giant co sponsors ranging from Disney to My Plush Toys to most popular cartoon duo Chacha-Bhatija.

HTKE has all the attractions to make any kid leaving no choice but to participate for one and all activities. After all learning is the nature of any kid. The activities list such as Halt Ticket Idol, Fashion Show, Spell Bee Competition, Super Mom Contest, Antakshari Competition to name a few among many were all having some very important learning for all participants. Apart from this, some very unique programs such as Financial Planning awareness for rapidly growing kids by none other than the famous Mr Gaurav Duggal added the finest glory to the event.

But hey, hold on best is yet to be mentioned, there were some best entrepreneurial skills learnt by contestants of Young Entrepreneur Award, while few lucky have learnt fireless cooking tricks and technics. And the super attraction… the differently abled kids have given rocking performance in the games and dances and champed the ramp by their hilarious catwalk.

Everyone watching them were feeling the divine power playing to It’s fullest energy while watching them. The venue witnessed continuous entry of the visitors all three days of HTKE…The brands like Disney, My Plush Toys, I-MATHS, Silver Town, Aakar Skills, Chillar Party, Kudos Kudos, IFS, Gifting Solutions to name some among many have claimed they have received wonderful response though the temperature was very high outside.

But to mention, the brand HTKE has created a very niche space in Surat and way ahead in it’s unique format. So much so that it enjoys the position.

Follow us on Facebook for more details and updates of event. Team HKTE conveys the whole hearted gratitude to all the participants, Partners, Vendors and Visitors without whose support the grand success would be the dream only.

Thank you all…

Best…Until next HKTE Season.

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