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You give, and keep giving what you want most. And in return you will get what you gave, more than you ever expected. If you want love, love everyone unconditional, if you want respect, respect everyone very much, if you want to be taken care by others, you take care of everyone, also, if you want money, give lots of money to the one who needs it most. The nature has a tremendous law of compounding everything in multiple fold infinite times, what you gave, countless, unconditionally and without expectations, the returns by the nature will also be unexpected and beyond your imagination.

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If you have any doubts, please try with the things first which will not bother you. For example, start with respect, love, trust, care, service and many more to try. And see the impact of what comes back to you. Once you have tried and tested it, and if want to try more, test giving money too.

There are many legendary tycoons who donated their whole earnings of life and they still have more wealth than what they donated. You can google the names of such people. You will get names of Rockefeller, Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, Tatas and the list will go on, where you will be able to associate the law of nature of Giving results in growing.

Try and believe that it works for everyone without any exception.
Giving others works for sure. Service to humanity is the best work of life.

Happy Giving.


Sunil Chaporkar – Giving is satisfying.

A young and enthusiastic marketing and advertising professional since 22 years based in Surat, Gujarat. Having a vivid interested in religion, travel, adventure, reading and socializing. Being a part of Junior Chamber International, also interested a lot in service to humanity.
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