Passionately devoted! are we?


What is being passionately devoted? APJ Abdul Kalam said once, the dreams are those which don’t let you sleep. When one see a dream to achieve, and chase it day in and day out until he doesn’t achieve, is a beautiful saying but are we witnessing it in real life? There are very few who have  sacrificed everything to get what they dream, they thought, they desired, they set the goal for. We know each one of them by name. We go through their life stories to get inspired. We talk about their achievements, their quotes, their speeches while gatherings, as if we have witnessed them struggling to pursue their dreams.

Everything we do, learn, plan, dream desire to see the dream we want to achieve. Do we get succeed in what we do? Very rarely yes, mostly no. Why? What I realize, that, we are not ready to give even little of what the Dream Leaders do. We don’t even dig in centimeters while they dig miles underneath. We have no capacity at times to get out of out comfort zones to give what is needed to chase our dreams. The one reason from many is that we mainly look at the materialistic achievements of the Goal Leaders and feel that by doing what we do, will be able to achieve what we have thought for.

What I feel, passionately devoted one forget everything about self existence and challenges to get behind what is the dream. One need to sacrifice personal pleasures and  so called family and social life if one need to achieve some thing beyond normal. One have to be on the goal until it’s fulfilled. I find the vague thought process I come across many business owners. They pursue their business like nine to five job. They take care of all other priorities but the business. Now these guys wish to build the empires like Ambani, Premji and Bill Gates.

They forget the fact that they saw the seed to get a strong tree which will keep growing and give them the fruits for their life. What they fail to understand is they need to keep every care till the time the tree does not stand firmly on it’s own. Constant presence and every due care including the right quantity of water and fertilizers need to pour in the roots. The people who took care are reaping their fruits, not only that they kept on sawing the seeds more and more to create big empires. These people have converted their enterprises into corporations and institutions, the only reason, they were passionately devoted.

I believe, one has to struggle first to get the best life later, or live the life one want, only to struggle later, for the remaining life. Since I am also new business owner and struggling to establish the sustainable business model, I try to understand and study the pattern of every successful business owners, especially the differentiating factors between first generation businessmen and the once who manage family owned businesses and how they changed the businesses upside down.

After going through many case studies, I have come to a conclusion that being passionate and devoted completely towards the dream, any business can never sustain for longer time, forget the growth and success. Be Passionately Devoted to go for chasing your dream and forget everything else until your tree does not stand firm on it’s  own roots. Else, be ready to fail for sure.

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