What can I do to make better my India individually?

When we look at anything around us we are dissatisfied as an individual, be it a traffic on road, pollution in air, noise, unclean surroundings, be it anything.

Then we are worried about corruption at every step in life, dirty politics at our workplace, in local bodies, in state and central government. We suffer in all rightful things we deserve and we lose our hearts and tend to think that nothing can happen and accept the situations as it is in front of us.

I am sure if we give little thought and effort, we can do a lot to change our India in an individual capacity. For that we need to understand that other people are not different from us and everyone think the way you and me think. Here, I remember a story that once a king announce to fill the tank with milk and ordered every citizen to pour a jug of milk. One person thought, when every one is going to pour the milk, if I put water in the tank, no once will know. But when the king went to saw the tank full of milk, he found water instead. Everyone thought the way that person thought that no one will know if I put water instead of milk.

Exactly that is what happen in our public life. We see that on road, while driving, we want to be the first to go and do not care for others. Others are doing the same and hence the traffic problem. The very easy solution to the problem is to let the other go first & do not bring ego on the road. The life will become easy.

Like wise, as an individual we need to make a list of the things which are in individual capacity and control we can change and be a trend setter. The charity begins at home. To get the solution to any problem we need to look at the systems rather then bleming an individual. If we set the systems right and make people to follow the systems, the life will become more easy and better. If we do not like the dirt and garbage and waste to be thrown anywhere, we will have to perform and set examples in front of our children and family members. If we as a family set the rules of not let our waste and garbage spread around and go to the right place, our home will be clean and pollution free. We can take up the same to our neighborhood, locality, ward,city and state level. We need to start from our home if we want our India to be cleaner then any developed nation.

Above are couple of situation where the things need to change. We all know all this but since we are comfortable and do not want to take troubles to change, the situation will not only be worst but will be dangerous for our future generations. It’s a time to wake and act. We know what we can do and from where we can start. Please think and contribute to change for betterment of our India.

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