Delhi Election Results 2024 Live Streaming, BJP leads across all seven seats, Bansuri Swaraj from New Delhi

New Delhi

Delhi Election Results 2024 Live Updates: The results for the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi, covering seven parliamentary seats, will be announced today, June 4th.

The BJP, which won all seven Delhi Lok Sabha seats both in 2014 and 2019, is leading in six seats in the national capital after four hours of counting. The opposition India bloc is leading in one.

Bansuri Swaraj, the late BJP leader Sushma Swaraj’s daughter, is making her electoral debut in this general election. Ms. Swaraj, 40, is trailing AAP’s Somnath Bharti in the New Delhi seat.

The AAP, which rules the national capital, is in a 4:3 seat arrangement with the Congress as part of the India bloc taking on the BJP. Congress’ Jai Prakash Agarwal is leading in Chandni Chowk constituency.

In the sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections, Delhi saw a three-cornered contest among the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)-Congress alliance, and Mayawati’s Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP).

Voter turnout

All seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi went to polls on May 25th, marking an effective moment in the national capital’s electoral landscape. Despite the scorching heat, a voter turnout of 53.73 per cent was recorded in Delhi by 5 p.m.

Election Results 2024 Live

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results LIVE: In Delhi, BJP Ahead On 6 Seats, INDIA Bloc On 1 In Early Leads

With a vast electorate of 1.52 crore voters, comprising 82 lakh men, 69 lakh women, and 1,228 from the third gender category, the election saw participation across more than 13,000 polling booths.


Delhi Election Resuls 2024 Live


Today, June 4th, marks the eagerly anticipated day when the results of the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi will be unveiled, encompassing the outcomes of the seven parliamentary seats within the region. The recent electoral saga in Delhi during the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections witnessed a keenly contested battle amongst three key political players: the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)-Congress coalition, and Mayawati’s Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP).


The voting process, which transpired on May 25th across all seven Lok Sabha constituencies in Delhi, portrayed a pivotal moment in the political tapestry of the nation’s capital. Despite the sweltering temperatures that engulfed the city, an admirable voter turnout of 53.73 percent was registered in Delhi by approximately 5 p.m.


The 2024 election spectacle in Delhi, with an extensive electorate numbering at 1.52 crore voters, comprising of 82 lakh men, 69 lakh women, and 1,228 individuals categorized under the third gender, showcased a participatory fervor across an extensive network of over 13,000 polling stations. The populace of Delhi, with bated breath, awaits the unfolding of the election results as the electoral pulse of the capital city and its political trajectory stand on the cusp of revelation.


While the BJP and BSP fielded candidates for all seven Lok Sabha seats, the AAP contested in four constituencies—New Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi, and East Delhi—while the Congress contested in the remaining three—Chandni Chowk, North-East, and North-West.

AAP has nominated Kuldeep Kumar for the East Delhi seat, Mahabal Mishra for West Delhi, Somnath Bharti for New Delhi, and Sahi Ram Pahalwan for South Delhi.

Congress has put forth J. P. Agarwal for the Chandni Chowk seat, Kanhaiya Kumar for North East Delhi, and Udit Raj for the North West Delhi constituency.

On the other hand, the BJP has named its candidates as Manoj Tiwari for North East Delhi, Ramvir Singh Bidhuri for South Delhi, Bansuri Swaraj for New Delhi, Harsh Deep Malhotra for East Delhi, Yogendra Chandolia for North West Delhi, Praveen Khandelwal for Chandni Chowk, and Kamaljeet Sehrawat for West Delhi.

What do exit polls show and predict?

According to the Axis My India Exit Poll 2024, the BJP is anticipated to secure 6-7 seats in Delhi, with the INDIA bloc, comprising the Aam Aadmi Party and Congress, possibly not winning any seats or being limited to just one.

On the other hand, the CVoter Exit Poll 2024 offers some relief to the INDIA bloc by predicting 1-3 seats for the opposition alliance, while the BJP is expected to clinch 4-6 seats. Similarly, the TV9 Bharatvarsha-Polstrat exit poll anticipates a complete victory for the BJP in Delhi, suggesting that the saffron party is poised to achieve a hat trick by securing all seven seats in the national capital.


In the recent Lok Sabha elections, the political landscape in Delhi witnessed a fierce battle as various parties strategically fielded their candidates across the seven constituencies. The competition was intense as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), and the Indian National Congress vied for victory in different parts of the national capital.

Notably, the AAP contested in four constituencies, namely New Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi, and East Delhi, nominating candidates such as Kuldeep Kumar, Mahabal Mishra, Somnath Bharti, and Sahi Ram Pahalwan, respectively. On the other hand, the Congress locked in its candidates, including J. P. Agarwal, Kanhaiya Kumar, and Udit Raj for the Chandni Chowk, North-East, and North-West Delhi constituencies, respectively.

The BJP, aiming for a strong showing, put forward a formidable lineup with candidates like Manoj Tiwari, Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, Bansuri Swaraj, Harsh Deep Malhotra, Yogendra Chandolia, Praveen Khandelwal, and Kamaljeet Sehrawat for the different seats in Delhi.

As election fever swept through the city, exit polls emerged to offer insights into the potential outcomes. The Axis My India Exit Poll 2024 projected a dominant performance by the BJP, expecting the party to secure 6-7 seats in Delhi. The India bloc, comprising the AAP and Congress, faced a challenging forecast, with the possibility of winning no seats or being restricted to just one.

Contrastingly, the CVoter Exit Poll 2024 provided some optimism for the Indian bloc by predicting 1-3 seats for the opposition alliance while estimating 4-6 seats for the BJP. Meanwhile, the TV9 Bharatvarsha-Polstrat exit poll took a different stance, suggesting a clean sweep for the BJP in Delhi. The poll implied that the saffron party was on track to secure all seven seats in the national capital, signaling a potential hat-trick victory.

In conclusion, the electoral dynamics in Delhi portrayed a riveting narrative of political maneuvering and electoral predictions. The diverse range of candidates put forth by the competing parties sets the stage for a closely watched showdown, with the exit polls adding a layer of anticipation and speculation to the unfolding drama. The final results would ultimately reveal the fate of the contenders and shape the future course of Delhi’s political landscape.

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