Is waiting at Barber Shop beneficial to build patience.?

Great Sunday morning come with much relaxing moods. It also comes with many expectations from wife and other family members to support in housekeeping or to go shopping for necessary home supplies. The major task once in a month to go to barber shop for some, for few it’s hair stylist studio, for many it’s salon and spa.

My experience till now is that whenever I go to my neighbouring barber, I have been in que with at least six people minimum. I, being in habit to go to one place, as if he is my family barber, visit him only. Now, this gentleman is fully equipped with most current affairs information in detail, be it our society, area, city, or the world.


Not only he has the information, he is excellent at one to one, and one to many communication too. Also, he feels he must share and distribute the information he has, in addition, get the more information from his customers.

In the process, he takes his own sweet time to serve the customer. Now it’s a time consuming process. Hence, one has to have a sufficient time to visit this gentleman. The reason why people go to his shop is, he is really good at his work does the job very swiftly to satisfy the customer.

That’s the reason why whenever any customer come here, have to wait for a long. Now the process of waiting for the turn is a tough job. As a part of the habit, only Sunday this task come to the list. And Sunday morning, I found many like me are sitting in a que listening to the discussion on various topics while in the background the fm radio goes in the full volume, and the newspapers are being read. The atmosphere here is quite different.

Few like me, keep listening what comes to ears, keep watching what comes in front of the eyes, or at times little nap help killing the waiting period. There’s no option to go and come back again as any time the situation remain same. So the best option I found is to witness everything calmly, at times have a Dhyaan, is a fun too. It helps increasing patience. My advise, if you feel you too need to develop patience, you may visit a barber shop full with waiting and be there till your turn come. Better remedy than any other therapy.

Have a Happy and Patienceful Sunday.

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