Being a Good Parent

Yesterday I had an opportunity to attend a seminar on good parenting. The coach was having a great command on the subject. The event I like most because of interaction of the participants with each other and with the coach.

I feel the importance of the coaching and counseling on being good parents is very vital for the people of India for the reason that the two young people get the child before they know each other and are mentally and emotionally prepared in most cases. Even I have come across the couples who are not settled in their careers and not well financially.

In many cases the family pressure plays a big role in early child before couple understand the importance of marriage and responsibilities.

This situation lead to the unaware and burdened parenthood where a child become the property and an asset who carry the loads of wishes and ambitions of the father and mother. The parents want to make the child what they could not became or want him/her to do all what they did not do during their childhood.

The child doesn’t get liberty and freedom to be and grow natural. The child is forced to be the super child and become the best amongst all other children of their friends and relatives.

The child get lots of pressure facing all this and is unable to express it’s concerns and get pulled behind parents doing all things forced. In the process very few children could come out of it successfully but many of them continue doing the things they don’t like through out their lives and come out mediocre or average on all front.

I request each one to understand importance of being a parent as the responsibility to create and nurture a great person lies on the shoulders of every parent and it is the requirement of the time to learn about the every aspect of parenting.

It will surely help us create our world the best place to live.

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