Being in the process. Are we?

Be…Don’t try to become…


Popularly known to all who follow or have heard Osho. To be what? what we try to become? forget self what we convey to our kids. Enacting someone, or, to follow someone, or to copy someone, is the key today. Each one of us mostly want to become like someone whom we like, or feel we like. We are mostly best at copying others.

Not bad to take some good characteristics from someone. Human being, the term itself suggest being. being is the beginning to be. To be is to achieve, and remain what we be. The best thing come across each one of us is asked what you would like to be. In response we all at some point of time have answered that, I want to become a doctor, engineer, teacher, political leader, actor and what we knew about, we replied.

Many of us would have tried to become what they have said to become and few of us would have become also what was desired. But my question is, is this enough to be? If yes, what we achieved by being? If not, what is to be? Many of us who have become what they wanted to become, will be able to answer, but the rest might be in search of the answer or they would have accepted what has come to them, as everyone else would do?

What I feel by try to become create a copy version of us which may not be our ultimate purpose to be. But mainly we see the copy version surrounding us in every fields of life. There are very few examples of original format of becoming what one can be ultimately. Amitabh Bachchan is one such example. Sachin and Sania Mirza are the ones who can tell us proudly, be, don’t try to become… Not necessary we reach heights where they have reached, but we have all the capabilities to be original form of what we intend to be. Now the question is why one should take trouble to be original. Why? We just want to succeed and earn fame and name in whatever we do.

That’s the sole purpose of life for many of us. To be original is a very sacrifice demanding process. We don’t want to go through hard ways. Neither we want our kids to face hardships. Hence we provide ready-made icons so they can try to become like them. We have so many books available how you can achieve, what you want to achieve. These books are full of case studies of the iconic achievers. But then they were the original ones who crafted their own route to success. Are we prepared enough to go to the unknown route. In process of being, don’t try to become. Be original. Please share your feedback on the process to be.

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