Who am I?

Until yesterday I was under the impression that, my name is my identity. My profession is my identity. My achievements is my identity. My above beliefs were changed all of a sudden yesterday when I attended a 2 hours workshop on Self Management. Where I was asked, who am I, and I replied with my […]

Killing someone ends up in Jail

Today when one very popular actor convicted for his wrong doing many years back, everyone is reacting like they are shocked. Many people are sad to know the court verdict. People are expressing their anger against verdict. Film Industry peers of this star are sending their sorrow messages through social media and audio and video […]

Giving help Growing

You give, and keep giving what you want most. And in return you will get what you gave, more than you ever expected. If you want love, love everyone unconditional, if you want respect, respect everyone very much, if you want to be taken care by others, you take care of everyone, also, if you […]

The Train I missed!

Many of times the human brain get programed on it’s own and take action accordingly. It happened with me last Saturday when I was scheduled to travel to Mumbai for a business workshop. I have booked my seat in Flying Queen train starting at 5-25 am from Surat. I also frequently travel to Ahmedabad from […]

What is Nationalism?

Last Sunday in a casual gathering of friends, I asked everyone, individually, do you feel proud being an Indian? Everyone stared at me sarcastically, replied with lots of weight in the voice, yes, I am proud to be an Indian, not once but repeatedly. I am sure every Indian will reply the same way my […]

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