Are we civilized?

We as citizens of the Free India, are utmost concious about our rights. We will raise our voice immediately if we feel our interest is at stake. When it comes to delivering our duties in public life, we don’t bother and care at all. To the extent, that we don’t worry about our own safety also, when it comes to follow the safety norms be it on road while driving or cycling or traveling as a pedestrian or by public transport.

It’s a general excuse of most of us, it’s not comfortable to wear a seat belt or a helmet, though it’s a proven fact that in fatal accident cases, people who survived were mostly have had seat belts or helmets on. Ask any person who regularly use helmet or a seat belt have absolutely no problem by using it.

We also have proud saying I never use seat belts or helmets. It gives us a kick to break the rules. We also enjoy violating the safety instraction, at every public places we visit. Be it an archeological monument or a railway station, or an airport, or be it a sea beach or a river bank.

Last Sunday, at a Suvali beach in Surat, four young engineers, who were on the official work visit in one of the Heavy Engineering Plants, went for a picnic. Though, there are safety instructions mentioned visibly, that, it is extremely dangerous to enter the sea here, they went inside the sea. And went to such an extent, they never realized about the high tides, and four promising, young engineers lost their lives. Extremely shocking is that, they were told by the local camal riders and vendors to not to go inside the sea, they didn’t listen to any one, and the result is the permanent losses not only to their families, but to our country as well to lose those four bright young lives.


On the banks of Narmada also at every place the caution boards are on display but we keep on getting the news of people losing their lives by virtue of not following the instructions.

We all know, it is extremely dangerous to cross the railway line and is a criminal offense. Knowing that, many of us always do that, and some of them face the outcomes which can never be undone.

And doing all this knowingly and consciously we share this happily and publicly. Is it a failure of our educational system, or the values we have compromised, or we just see the instant benefits of ourselves and not bothered about anyone else.

There are many things wrong there within us, and and we must address it by taking initiatives and leadership to imbibe the values and standards to followed by all as part of their concious and self awareness.

Come, let’s all do our bit to bring the change that helps us save precious and promising lives.

It’s a wake up call, to work on our social duties.


Sunil Chaporkar – An awaken citizen

A young and enthusiastic marketing and advertising professional since 22 years based in Surat, Gujarat. Having a vivid interested in religion, travel, adventure, reading and socializing. Being a part of Junior Chamber International, also interested a lot in service to humanity.
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